Enjoy the beauty of the sunny Dominican Republic

The weather in the Dominican Republic is fantastic all year round. The villa is located on the North Coast of the island, also known as the ‘green coast’ because of its beautiful nature.


There are many beaches nearby, which are really quiet since there are few hotels in the area.  A selection of the many beaches near the villa:

  • Playa Diamante: a unique beach, where you can walk into the ocean for up to 400 metres, since the sea is quite shallow. That makes it a favourite for families with children.
  • Playa Caleton: located only 10 minutes from the villa.
  • Playa Cabarete: the most popular beach along the North Coast, a favourite among wind and kite surfers.
  • Playa Grande: a beautiful beach only 5 minutes away from the villa.

Wind and kite surfing

The Dominican Republic is known for his beautiful waves. Playa Grande boasts fantastic waves, making it a hotspot for surfers. Depending on the season, the waves are more suitable either for beginners or for advanced surfers. Two of the best surf teachers in the country actually work at the Playa Grande surf school. You can also wind and kite surf less than an hour from the villa, at Cabarete, the world’s most famous windsurfing beach. We will gladly organise a day of surfing for you.

Whale watching

Every year, over five thousand humpback whales swim to Samana Bay to mate or give birth. Many of these whales swim along the villa, so you can spot them from your chair on the terrace or in the beautiful garden even without binoculars. The whale-watching period is January to March, with the top month being February.


From La Cantalina you can enjoy a nice brisk 15-minute walk to the beautiful waterfall Monumento Natural El Saltadero. It is not advisable for you to jump off the waterfall yourself, but you can watch in awe as the experienced locals pull of that stunt. After witnessing the beauty of the waterfall you can keep hiking along the signposted paths of La Catalina - a nice work-out that takes you along lots of beautiful viewpoints.

Underwater caves

Two hotspots you shouldn't miss are Dudu Lake and the Blue Lagoon. The latter is almost supernatural, with ice-cold water that is incredibly refreshing when the weather is hot. And the name Blue Lagoon doesn’t even come close to describing the beautiful colours of the water. You can swim to Dudu Lake with a guide through underwater tunnels and caves, but this activity is only recommended for experienced swimmers.